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Mediation - including
Special Master


Mr. Sheldon's office is conveniently located near the intersection of Shea Blvd and Scottsdale Road, at 11111 North Scottsdale Road, Suite 245, where he shares office space with several law firms.  His practice includes the following areas in civil and family law cases:


He can be reached at:






Mr. Sheldon, I just wanted to write to you and say thanks for your time and wisdom yesterday. I was thoroughly discouraged going into yesterday and I had no expectation or confidence that we would reach an agreement during the mediation.

You were a real blessing to our case and I commend you for your work yesterday. This has been a horrible year plus for me and you are one of the bright spots.  Thank you for helping us reach an agreement so we can put this hurdle behind us. I wish I could've been a fly on the wall in the other room.

I wish you the best in the future.



Mr. Sheldon has worked on a variety  of cases in his career, including criminal, civil and family law cases. 


Mr. Sheldon was a Superior Court Judge in Maricopa County from December 1989 to  July  2007.


He also worked for a number of years in the Court of Appeals as a Staff Attorney in Phoenix.  He  reviewed civil  and criminal appeals, provided the Court with written analysis of the issues and proposed resolutions of cases.  He also reviewed Motions filed with the Court, presented written recommendations and proposed orders disposing of those motions. 


Mr. Sheldon was a Special Agent with the FBI assigned to criminal investigations as well as foreign counter-intelligence investigations during his career with the Bureau.


After retiring from the Superior Court in 2007, Mr. Sheldon entered private practice with a firm that focused its practice on family law, where he also acted as a Parenting Coordinator, Special Master,  Discovery Master and expert witness. 



My goal is to provide efficient, cost-effective solutions to those of you who find yourselves  involved in the legal system. . .with small or large problems.

I will work with you to find solutions tailored specifically to the needs of your case in order to ensure your questions are addressed.

Please see my SERVICES and EXPERIENCE pages.

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