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Early Career


Mr. Sheldon returned to school in 1969, after serving in Vietnam, to complete his education and later attended Loyola University School of Law.


He graduated cum laude from Loyola University School of Law in Los Angeles in 1974.


After graduating, he moved to Phoenix to begin practicing law with one of the largest law firms in the city at that time, Evans, Kitchel & Jenckes. 


He later decided to pursue his desire to become an FBI Agent. He was offered a Special Agent position and joined the FBI in 1977. He initially was assigned to the Portland, Oregon FBI Office, where he worked on general criminal matters as well as bank robbery and fugitive apprehension cases.  He was later selected to attend language school at the Monterey Defense Language Institute, where he studied Mandarin Chinese.  He graduated with honors and was assigned to the Washington D.C. Field Office, where he continued his work as a Special Agent in the foreign counter intelligence field for several years before deciding to return to Phoenix to practice law.


Return to Practice


Mr. Sheldon returned to Phoenix to practice law in 1982, joining the Court of Appeals, Division One, as a Staff Attorney.  While at the Court, he participated in writing, analyzing, and discussing appellate cases on a weekly basis with the various departments of the Court.  He prepared written recommendations regarding disposition of cases, reviewed motions submitted to the Court, including Special Action petitions, and presented his conclusions and recommendations to the various departments of Division One.  He was the Vice Chief Staff Attorney at the time of his appointment to the Superior Court.


Judicial  Career


In 1989, he was appointed to the Maricopa County Superior Court where he presided

over civil, criminal and family court cases during his career.    


In 2007, Mr. Sheldon retired from the Superior Court and returned to private practice.


Current Practice


In 2013,  after six years at the law firm of Franks, Sheldon & Houser, P.C.,

he left to start his own practice. He has been involved in litigation, 

mediation, and as a Parenting Coordinator in family law cases; he has also

been appointed to act as a Discovery and Special Master in family and civil matters. 

Mr. Sheldon also has been retained to act as an expert witness in a number

of family law legal malpractice cases.

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