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Don't be intimidated by litigation, mediation or other Court procedures. Get the assistance you need to be comfortable navigating through the court system or resolving your case through cost-effective alternatives to expensive pre-trial procedures and litigation.
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ZOOM Video Conferencing !
Mediation from the convenience of your own office/home--why drive when you can stay at the office ?!

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Changes to the Family Court rules adopted in 2016 make selecting an experienced Parenting Coordinator very important to Parents.  The Rule now states, in part, "The parenting coordinator's decision is binding if the parenting coordinator acted within the coordinator's authority under this rule and the appointment orderMr. Sheldon's experience brings an experienced viewpoint to resolving conflict. He not only understands the importance and value of using Parenting Coordinators but the substantial responsibility that goes along with the appointment.

Meeting may also be conducted by video conferencing through ZOOM, making it convenient and easy to resolve issues remotely, eliminating the need to travel, saving time and reducing stress.



Mr. Sheldon also represents litigants in a limited family law appellate practice, utilizing his years of experience as a Staff Attorney at the Court of Appeals, Division One, in Phoenix.  He has successfully represented parents in appellate matters.


As a Mediator and Abitrator,  Mr. Sheldon's years of experience provide him with a unique background that helps people resolve disputes in civil and family law matters without having to proceed through the costly, unpredictable and often anxiety-filled experience of going to trial.

He has successfully mediated cases involving:

Divorce-with and without children

Divorce cases-with complex property and financial issues

Divorce cases-with issues of domestic violence

Divorce cases-with inter-state travel issues

Post-Decree-child custody/parenting time

Grandparent visitation issues

Civil cases with contract/construction issues

He brings a broad range of experience and understanding to the many facets, nuances and challenges facing clients in their cases.




Mr. Sheldon understands the importance of resolving discovery disputes quickly, fairly and cost effectively. His experience spans years and hundreds of cases in both the civil and family law area.


Mr. Sheldon also acts as a "Private Judge" in cases.  Mr. Sheldon's has the ability to make difficult and thorough decisions in complex cases in a timely manner. Litigants need finality and someone to make a timely decision to help them resolve disputes. He brings years of experience to the role of a Special Master or Discovery Master. 




Parenting Coordinator/Court Appointed Advisor (Rule10)


Discovery & Special Master/Private Judging


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